e-biz 2012

On 27th of March 2012, a three-day conference about electronic business named e-biz 2012 was held in Hypo Centre in Zagreb. Subjects covered the legal framework and practice in Croatia, the Adriatic region and the EU. There was mentioning of the necessary elements, conditions, experiences, but also of protecting the eBusiness systems in commerce, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, healthcare and government.

ECS was present on the second day of the conference with a presentation titled PCI DSS in the clouds presented by Igor Streharski, senior information security consultant in the Department of Business Consulting in IT. The aim of the presentation was to point out the challenges faced by organizations obliged to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, who decided to allocate part of there IT ecosystem to virtualized environment, especially those who decided to outsource it to the “cloud”.