Risk Assessment Accelerator (RAA)

Risk assessment accelerator (RAA) is the risk assessment application intended for all organizations in need of a systematic and efficient risk management process, developed by Netis d.o.o.

RAA enables organizations of various profiles achieve regulatory and legislative harmonization, as well as business objectives.

RAA risk assessment application performs the following functions:

  • Managing processes – it enables filing and assessing business processes and their dependence on services and resources, which makes it possible to collect and analyse information for the purposes of risk assessment, business influence analysis, and business continuity plans development.
  • Managing resources – it enables keeping assets inventory i.e. resources register and the storage of various resource parameters (type, location, inventory number, value etc.). RAA also enables the definition of groups of resources or services within this module.
  • Vulnerabilities and threats – enables the identification of resource vulnerabilities and the associated threats. RAA contains a comprehensive catalogue of vulnerabilities and threats, but enables catalogue updating according to the organization’s needs. This module is used to assess the probability and damage of threat realization, concerning existing vulnerabilities of individual resources.
  • Controls (protective measures) – the module for identifying and tracking the controls assigned to individual resources or groups of resources with the purpose of risk level reduction.
  • Reports – RAA enables the creation of various types of reports adjusted to users’ needs.