Applications supporting the processes and the data in the basis of these processes surely present the foremost concern of every company or institution caring about its reputation. It is a matter of fact that ICT technology and ICT systems are the infrastructure enabling normal operation and high spatial and temporal availability of these applications.

Moreover, business requirements face ICT systems ever more often with the need to ensure unobstructed work or at least quick recovery to business systems, even in cases of serious breakdowns or disasters. It is thus necessary to possess broad multidisciplinary knowledge and experience to be able to design, implement and maintain such complex systems. It is to be made the primary job of professionals, and not casual hobby. ITSS department is the one in charge of the said tasks in a professional manner.

Owing to the broad technical knowledge of its employees and PMI project management method, ITSS can perform the following tasks:

  • Design,
  • Implementation ,
  • Integration,
  • Management,
  • Current state analysis.

It can also offer the most complex ICT solutions to the most demanding customers. Good references and the vast experience of ECS thereby guarantee that choosing ECS to provide the said solutions will be no adventure, but the right business decision.