Contemporary IT systems have become complex to such extent that a user focused on his or her primary activity has no time, resources or money to keep track of all the abstruse details of the current IT offer and technical solutions. Thus, there is a great need for consulting prior to the purchase and particularly implementation, because this can:

  • Draw attention to the existence of problems a user might not be aware of,
  • Suggest the direction in which problems a user is aware of should be dealt with or indicates options at hand in order to eliminate the obstacles to system efficiency, availability and security,
  • Help the client choose the best path towards technically excellent and cost-effective solution for some of the new developmental needs and ideas.

Consulting can accordingly be provided only by people possessing necessary experience, a series of successful projects in their resume, and a great proficiency in IT technology. ECS’s yearlong experience of success in IT industry and a team of highly educated professionals provide assurance that the obtained advice will not be only theoretical blurring or pushing a certain specific solution or vision through. This can often be the case in consulting received from people with insufficiently wide insight into technology diversity and the consequent selection thereof.