Data Archiving

Recommendations and standards accentuate or regulate the need for data archiving, often long-term and multiannual. The ability to store and later on find vast quantities of data in a safe manner and at rational cost is today more than ever a challenging and important feat.

ECS can thus offer an integrated data archiving solution based on technologies of leading vendors. Integrated archiving solution with all the necessary hardware and software components supports various types of contents processes, such as electronic mail, voice messages, file systems or portals etc. Likewise, the support for various services such e-mail, agile services, databases etc. can be included. The advantages of such solutions are:

  • Shorter access and data browsing time,
  • Shorter backup creation time,
  • Distributed indexing and data browsing,
  • Centralized control over all components,
  • Smaller data quantity and consequently easier data manipulation,
  • Less disk space taken and shorter time necessary to back the data up,
  • Harmonization with legal regulations.

Constituent parts of such solutions are advanced indexing and browsing tools.