Data Backup

The protection of data is crucial in every professionally implemented IT system and without it no system can be considered secure or reliable. It is thus necessary to start from two key pieces of information in data storage subsystem design: firstly, the time needed to recover the data and bring IT service back to function or RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and, secondly, the amount of data loss tolerated after the last successful data storage or RPO (Recovery Point Objective). Choosing the optimal solution includes also the selection of backup software and the dimensioning of hardware elements (communication and storage devices) that comprise it. Regulated procedures for back upping and restoring critical data comprise the crucial part of the solution, as does a detailed backup strategy.

As far as data backup solutions are concerned, there are various possibilities for backing OS, user data, databases, configurations etc. up. Quality data backup solutions may control external data backup units like tape drives, robot devices controlling several simultaneous recording heads and storage cassette library etc.