To achieve full customer satisfaction it is frequently not sufficient to develop an IT system or its component well and in time, because high complexity of contemporary IT systems might cause problems during usage if users and administrators are not sufficiently educated to use, monitor and operate them. ECS therefore offers services of education, as a component of IT system development. Education commonly occurs at the end, after system development completion, and it can contribute to labelling a project successful, unlike projects that are successfully implemented but show deficiencies during use, precisely due to inadequate knowledge and skills of users.

In addition to operating manuals that come as integral part of project delivery, it is often necessary to educate both system administrators and end users to use complex IT systems efficiently. Accordingly, ECS can offer several forms of education to its clients:

  • The most frequent form is individual education, suitable for focused topics that an individual needs in order to work efficiently, usually carried out at user’s location, in his environment and on his system.
  • Group education in the form of workshops, also at user’s location, because this is the most efficient method for specific topics.
  • Formalized education in topics that can be of interest to a greater number of attendants, at either ECS’s location or user’s place if adequate space and equipment are available.

ECS basically does not provide education according to established and predefined programmes, but it negotiates topics and realization form with the clients, which is why ECS’s educational programmes are a reply to actual users’ needs and present maximum adaptation to them.