Operations Management

In order to be able to ensure IT system management, you must possess timely and reliable information on its functioning. The more heterogeneous the system is, the more complex the problem – which makes it very difficult and sometimes even impossible to analyse such data manually. Thus, there are various tools designed for information systems monitoring, including the monitoring of basic hardware, a wide OS palette as well as applications. Server, OS and application availability, and their response time are important indicators that enable administrators gain insight into how an IT system functions. The extraordinary increase in response time might indicate potential problems, and monitoring tools can react in time to prevent a greater breakdown and/or system unavailability.

Software monitoring tools can be divided into several types depending on the level they operate on:

  • Hardware monitoring tools
  • OS monitoring tools
  • Applications monitoring tools
  • Network device monitoring tools.

Requirements for IT system availability and the performance of its applications increase along with system complexity. A quality monitoring and management system is in the contemporary sense almost impossible to develop without the extensive use of monitoring applications.