Service Management

The focus in service management is twofold:

  • On client infrastructure management, and
  • On server infrastructure management.

The more complex the IT infrastructure is, the higher and more challenging the need to monitor clients and servers and how they are managed. The need to look after customers’ computers, their software and hardware configuration and location is ever greater, which calls for investments into additional human or software resources. Fortunately, there are tools helpful in speeding up the process of keeping records about clients and their configurations, which is particularly useful in case of distant locations. Such tools enable us to have insight from one place into software and hardware configuration of physical and virtual servers, computers and mobile devices – and to manage an entire lifetime of a computer from one place. OS installation, OS upgrade, patch management, software installation, report compilation, and update maintenance are also included.

Software like that enables maintenance of hundreds of computers and reduces the need to go to distant locations. That way companies gain better control over IT infrastructure and assets, accompanied by significant savings.

  • Patch management
  • Software distribution
  • OS implementation