Programme Systems Design and Implementation Department employees have experience in the following:

  • Training and presentations offered to international clients in a multicultural environment;
  • The customization and adoption of methodologies for programme systems development;
  • Compiling programme systems documentation, from the idea to the end product;
  • Object-oriented approach to programme solutions analysis and design;
  • Project approach to development;
  • Developing distributed widely available systems;
  • Working on projects of the Croatian Institute of Technology in cooperation with the staff of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing;
  • Guest lectures within the course Telecommunication programme support development at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing;
  • Applying SOA architecture paradigm in developing solutions;
  • Designing and developing e-government solutions;
  • Internet and mobile payment systems;
  • Designing and implementing added-value telecommunication services;
  • Designing and implementing IMS network elements;
  • Designing and implementing charging systems in real time (soft-real time) for voice and data.